iMenuPro vs. MenuPro

Compare the features of both SoftCafe products.

 iMenuPro  MenuPro 10
Runs on the web in a modern web browser allowing access from any internet connected computer including Mac's, iPad's, and PC's, from anywhere in the world. Runs under Microsoft Windows desktop (Vista, 7, 8, and 10) and installs as a native app that does not require internet access except to activate or deactivate the product.
Access data simultaneously from multiple computers. Data can be moved from PC to PC with backup/restore.
Supports most language character sets including Asian (CJK), Cyrillic, Greek, Nordic and Western Latin. Supports Western Latin character set only.
Saves uploaded images to a cloud image manager accessible to all logins. Uses locally stored images on your PC or on your OneDrive cloud storage.
Web browser spell-checker plus built-in spell-checker with culinary terms. Built-in spell-checker with culinary terms.
Multi-item search capabilities with Categories. Sort by category/note. Category organizational field.
Artisan Image collection (pacs 1 - 11) including newest vintage, zephyr, and unsplash image collections. Artisan Image collection (pacs 1 - 7).
Features unique to iMenuPro: Food 'extras' field, Attach photo to food, expanded accents for foods and headings, colorize all borders, accents, images, inline food symbols, change color or text decoration (bold, underline, etc) of single words or phrases, rotate and curve floating text, background, borders and accents are integrated to menu style. Optional gift certificate maker, table tent creator, category labeler and extras style pacs. Features unique to MenuPro: selectable price option fields, save custom styles, passwords to lock editing features, category field.
Live-sync your printed menus to your website, Facebook, and Twitter menus automatically. Built-in uploader to upload your menu to your website.
Web App, monthly fee. Desktop App, flat fee.

If you've ever used MenuPro, you'll be comfortable with iMenuPro.

iMenuPro was developed by SoftCafe, the creators of MenuPro, using the same proprietary algorithms and code-base but with a revised engine for the web, to create spot-on PDF menus from any device. It uses a nearly identical command layout and design setup for consistency between the products, eliminating the need to learn a new interface.

The iMenuPro food list menu synchronization is protected by U.S. Patent 10,249,010. The drag & drop menu creator and other features of iMenuPro are patent pending.