Frequently Asked Questions

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What is iMenuPro?

An online menu maker that lets you easily create and update your restaurant menus from any computer. It offers professional designs and instant layouts with point-and-click customizations, plus feature rich options to help you increase sales of high-profit menu items.

What size menus can I create?

Any size. From common sizes like 8½ x 11, 8½ x 14, 11 x 17 or A4 to any odd size you can think of – square, tall, poster, tiny. Even 48" menu boards. And that's with every iMenuPro Menu Style since we don't rely on set templates.

Can I use my own logo and food photos?

Yes, upload your own images or logos on any menu. Or choose from 2,000+ ready-made Artisan images, backgrounds, borders, and stylish accents stocked in iMenuPro. We support CMYK too for pro printing.

Can I change artwork, colors, or column layouts?

Yes, any background, border, font, color, or graphical element – even columns – can be swapped into any Menu Style, so you can unlock your creativity and bring your menu ideas to life.

Am I limited to the page content of a set template?

No. Unlike templates, Menu Styles allow you to get creative with flexible content and layout changes. With Menu Styles you won't have to re-write your vital menu copy just to fit it on the page.

Is spell-check included?

Yes, iMenuPro contains a built-in spell-checker with 18 languages and culinary terms as well, all at no extra charge.

I have a day spa. Will iMenuPro work for that?

Yes! Lots of businesses have menus – spas, salons, dispensaries – and iMenuPro works great for them too.

What kind of printer should I use?

Any ink jet or color laser. Consumer printers now rival print shops and take any paper type – bright white semi-gloss, heavy card stock, or elegant parchment. For large print runs, use your PDF at a local Fedex Kinkos or Staples for 'same-day' pickup.

What do I have to install?

Absolutely nothing. Building your menu is done in real-time, right from within your web browser. And there are no upgrades to worry about – you'll always have the latest version.

I own MenuPro. Can I use iMenuPro too?

Yes! You'll be comfortable using iMenuPro with its nearly identical layout. And you can import your MenuPro foods to hit the ground running.

How much does it cost?

Just $15 per month — no contract, no commitment, cancel anytime.

Do I have to pay for revisions?

No. You make changes right within the app. There are no charges for edits or updates and no waiting for drafts or proofs to come back.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. There is no forced annual billing or contract duration. You simply pay a flat, month-to-month fee. Once you cancel you won't be billed again.

Do you have discounted annual pricing?

Yes! Any time after signup save $45 with our 1-year Prepay add-on within the app.

Can I make menus for more than one business?

Yes, you can design multiple menus for any number of businesses and add thousands of foods into the list. There are no extra 'per menu' charges.

Can I use iMenuPro for my website menus?

Yes, iMenuPro has live-sync menus which update on your website, Facebook, and Twitter when your printed menu changes – in real-time. It's mobile-compatible too so your menus look great on all devices.

Can I publish my menu to Google My Business? NEW

Yes, and for free! Your Google My Business menu link can be easily changed to your synced iMenuPro menu so item changes stay fresh, up-to-date, and searchable by millions of people. Here's how.

Can I use iMenuPro with a Digital Menu Board? NEW

Yes, iMenuPro can export hi-res JPG's of any menus. Copy the JPG to a thumb drive, plug directly into your existing TV monitor and Voilà! – instant, gorgeous, digital menus. No extra hardware or fees required. Update your items or prices, whenever you want, at no additional cost.

I'm a business owner with no free time. Can you help?

Yes! Our design staff can add your items and do data entry for a nominal fee – we'll even make your entire menu. Here's how.