QR Menus

Scan the code, no app download required.

More business, less hassle 

One QR Code, All Menus

For most restaurants, QR menus won’t replace printed menus. But now you can give your customers both options — printed menus and QR menus — that are perfectly in-sync.

All of your menus under one QR code, with fast loading, easy-to-read layouts that don’t require pinching or zooming. Say hello to touchless QR code menus, built into iMenuPro.

QR Code Menus on Phone

QR Menu Creator

Our QR code menus automatically sync to your printed in-house menus! Change one, they all change.

Customers get fast, easy access to your menu with a quick scan on their phones.

Easy-to-read layouts are optimized for speed and legibility on smart phones.

Includes automatic navigation so your customers can skip to their favorite menu sections instantaneously.

Add expandable food photos and dietary info. Customize fonts, colors, business hours and more. You can even match the look of your printed menu.

No outside app or service required. You don't even need a website!

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Menu QR code

How it works

Just post the QR code at your establishment on a sign, flyer, or inside your printed menu.

Customers then scan the code with their smart phone and see your menu right on their phone.

You get to update prices and items whenever you want, with instant changes reflected on your menus – without incurring webmaster, designer, or scan fees.

Over 20 million scans! Since launch, our QR code menus have been scanned over 20 million times. Our system is fast, reliable, and works.

Menu QR code

QR Ultra NEW!

Our newest QR menu creator is ultra-fast for your customers – menu updates appear on their phones without requiring a refresh!

Change the QR code design itself with colors, your logo and more. Add a business photo, store info, your logo, and additional menus – all from the same QR code page.

Use QR codes at multiple restaurant locations with unlimited scans at no extra charge.

On top of that, QR Ultra menus support beautiful, clickable food photos and lots of design options to make your page stand-out from generic QR code menus.

Try it now! Just scan this QR code with your phone.

qr code menus diagram

Share it everywhere

Share your QR code menu everywhere

Along with a QR code you'll get a short Public Link that hosts your live-sync menu permanently, independent of your website. You can share this link on any social media site like Instagram, Yelp, or Trip Advisor and with customers directly, even if you don't have a website.

And with QR Ultra, there's no need for an outside landing page – it’s all built-in. Access multiple restaurant menus from one QR code. Change menus, never need to change or reprint your code.

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Multiple locations, no extra charge 

QR Code Menu, Multiple Locations

If you have more than one restaurant or location, you can have separate QR codes and landing pages at no extra cost – we do not charge per location.

Zero trackers, 5x faster 

QR Code Menu Privacy

Most competing QR menus contain multiple trackers and cookies collecting your personal info and statistics. This can slow down your customer’s QR menu experience and may cause you a lost sale.

Our QR menus load with 0 trackers and 0 cookies. So your menu loads fast and everyone’s privacy is protected. Because after all, it’s your menu – not ours.

Beautiful menus, beautiful QR codes 

QR Code Menu, Multiple Locations

Your menu’s not ugly, why should your QR be? Our QR Ultra code designer lets you create attractive QR codes that can include colors and your logo, instead of just a dense block of industrial black squares.

Edit once, change everywhere 

Menu Maker Live Sync

Our QR Menu creator uses the same Live-Sync technology that syncs your printed menu with your website menu. Edit once and update them all at the same time, without having to keep multiple versions of the same menu content.

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