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With four menus that change regularly, iMenuPro is quite literally the answer to our prayers.
Kathy Grant, Drake Hotels
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Flexible restaurant menu designs


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Start with modern, built-in menu designs. Then customize to your heart’s content to create something truly original.

Real menu drag and drop


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Our drag & drop menu creator is in a class by itself. Drag and drop from the side list or reorder directly on the menu with ease.

Made for Restaurant Menus


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Create multiple menus quickly with our patented food list database. All of your menu items are on tap and ready to go.

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As a small business owner without a budget for outside design services, it’s really allowed us to step up our game in terms of visuals for our menu creation.

Mandy Oser, Ardesia Wine Bar NYC Co-Owner (

Stress-free menu updates.

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Our Menu Maker is trusted by over 10,000 restaurants and other businesses, worldwide.

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Drag & Drop

Say good-bye to clunky, manually aligned text. Simply drag from the list to the menu, for beautifully formatted menus every time.

See the Menu Styles

1-click Designs

Only iMenuPro has Menu Styles, a design system so simple you can change the look of your entire menu with one click.

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Daily Menus

Make last-minute price changes and item substitutions anytime. Keep a database of seasonal specials on file and ready to go.

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Express Yourself

Get creative by swapping backgrounds, borders, artisan images, accents or fonts. Brand with your own logos and colors.

See how to highlight restaurant menus

Highlight Items

Box or highlight any item on your menu to draw attention to high-profit offerings. Increase order rates of certain items.

Learn about QR Code Menus for Restaurants

Print + Mobile

Our menu app uses live-sync technology to keep your QR and mobile menus in sync with your printed menus — like magic.

It’s very quick and easy to use, delivering a professional looking restaurant menu in seconds. No more inconsistent word documents!

Ashley Letchford, The Jam Tree Director view The Jam Tree menu
iMenuPro Menu Maker restaurant menus

Privacy-safe QR menus

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QR Code Menu Privacy

Our QR menus load fast with 0 trackers or cookies. So your privacy and your customers' privacy are protected.