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How it Works
Make a restaurant menu in minutes.

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Our intuitive, easy-to-use interface lets you edit or add new items at any time.

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The Food List

Enter your foods and drinks into the food list. Once in the list they’re always accessible – don’t waste time retyping for each new menu.

Then add any number of menu headings for each menu you create such as ‘Appetizers’, ‘Today’s Specials’ or subheadings like ‘served with a salad’.

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Drag & Drop

Drag your items from the food list to the menu. Once they hit the menu, iMenuPro automatically formats them with graphical precision, resulting in a beautifully designed menu with minimal effort.

An exclusive to iMenuPro, this feature is unavailable in any other app.


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Our app is stocked with beautiful designs and you can get fancy and upload your own assets for a more customized look.

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Browse Designs

Click the Menu Style buttons and watch your content transform – no design skills needed, no retyping required.

Menu Styles are like templates, but faster since you don't have to re-type your menu copy into a template.

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Get inspired Make it yours

Brand your menu with with your logos, photos, and artwork or tap our 3,000+ Artisan Image collection for just the right flourish.

Add boxes, accents, or icon highlights to draw attention to the high-profit dishes you want to sell the most. The only limit is your imagination.


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This is where the real magic happens. When you make a change, we’ll update your website, social media and QR menu – like magic.

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Print and publish with live-sync!

Create a pro-quality PDF in seconds for in-house printing. And sync your changes to website menus, social media blasts and instant QR, simultaneously.

When food costs or operating circumstances change, you can now react instantly with updated menus and new pricing – a must in today’s competitive environment.