The industry standard for creating restaurant menus.

What is iMenuPro?

An online menu maker that lets you easily create professional menus from any device. It offers instant designs with point-and-click customizations, plus feature rich options to help you increase sales of high-profit menu items.

What size menus can I create?

Any size with any design. From common sizes like 8½x11, 8½x14, 11x17 to odd sizes – square, tall, poster, or tiny. Even 48" menu boards.

Can I add price dots?

Yes, any menu can have dots leading up to perfectly aligned prices. Price dots are the single most universally recognizable feature of menus. But they’re difficult to set up and implement, which is why some apps that advertise menu design don’t even offer them.

How is it different from online graphic design tools?

Infographic tools like Canva were not made for menus. They’re design/marketing tools modeled after Adobe Illustrator with menu “templates” thrown in as an afterthought. They are essentially a bunch of text-boxes on a grid, which overwrite one another if you add more text. This makes updating a menu time-consuming and challenging.

Another key difference is they can’t do live-sync QR, or drag & drop auto-formatting from a food list – because it’s patented by us.

Can I use my own logos, food photos, and fonts?

Yes. Or choose from 3,500+ ready-made Artisan images – all free. We also offer a custom font uploader so you can brand your menus with your own personal fonts.

Can I change artwork, colors, or column layouts?

Yes. Any font or graphical element, even columns, can be swapped into any Menu Style so you can unlock your creativity.

To try out different designs, do I have start over?

No. Unlike menu templates, Menu Styles adapt to your already entered content. You won’t have to start over just to try out a new design. And you won’t have to rewrite vital menu copy so it fits into a pre-formatted template.

Is spell-check included?

Yes, with 18 languages and culinary terms as well.

Are hand-drawn fonts and artwork included?

Yes! A 2019 Ohio State University study shows handwritten fonts can boost posts of your menu items on social media. iMenuPro comes with great handwritten, folksy fonts that can be used on any menu. menu software handwritten fonts

I have a day spa. Will iMenuPro work for that?

Yes! Lots of service businesses have menus. Spas, salons, dispensaries. iMenuPro works great for them too.

What kind of printer should I use?

Any ink jet or color laser. For large print runs of carry-out or single-use disposable menus, email your PDF to a local UPS or FedEx store for 'same-day' pickup. We support CMYK too.

How much does it cost?

Just $15 per month – and you can cancel anytime.

Do I have to pay to make changes?

No. The point of our app is to free you from paying "designers" just to do edits or make changes.

Can I make menus for more than one business?

Yes. There are no ‘per menu’ charges and you get unlimited downloads. There are no charges for specific graphics either.

Is discounted annual pricing available?

Yes! At any time you can switch to annual payments and save 35% off the normal subscription rate (works out to $9.75/month).

Can I use it for website menus?

Yes. With our Live-Sync technology you can embed your menus directly into your website with automatic, real-time updates – edit once, change everywhere. Layouts can be optimized for smart phones or you can use Print-Alike for an online replica of your printed menu with full-blown graphics. menu software mobile menus

Can I make contactless QR menus? NEW

Yes! QR menus are built-in. And they automatically sync to your in-house menu. No need to maintain 2 separate copies of your menu. No need to "convert" your printed menu to an online menu. Plus you can share your Public Link anywhere! Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Yelp, Trip Advisor and more.

Can I make wine lists or beer menus?

Yes. The food/drink list is perfect for wines or beers. Maintain beautifully designed beer menus or wine lists, that include bin numbers, and sync them to your website in real-time so customers can order what’s in stock.

Can I make a Digital Menu Board?

Yes. You can export hi-res JPG menus to a thumb drive, plug it directly into your TV monitor and Voilà! – instant, gorgeous, digital menus. No extra hardware or fees required.

Can I publish to Google My Business?

Yes, and for free! Your Google My Business menu can point to your live-sync menu so it stays fresh, up-to-date, and searchable. Here’s how.

What do I have to install?

Absolutely nothing – the app runs and updates in your web browser.

Will you show ads or sell my data?

No. We don’t serve ads, we don’t mine your data, we’ll never give away or sell your email address or personal info. In short, we care about privacy as much as you do.

I’m short on time, can you help?

Yes! WeMakeMenus can do data entry, convert your existing menu, or anything else you need with iMenuPro. Contact them Here.

I own MenuPro software. Can I upgrade to iMenuPro?

Yes! You’ll be comfortable with its nearly identical layout. And you can import your MenuPro food list too. Upgrade details here.